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I have a very extensive image library with half a million  aerial photographs of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, London,  Leicester, Birmingham, York, Coventry, Southampton, Plymouth, Exeter, Derby, Nottingham, Canterbury, Reading and most towns in between. My stock aerial photographs cover every major English Town and City and  are available as high resolution digital files either of CD or over the internet.I have a wide range of clients from government, both local and national and all sizes and types of businesses including manufacturing and service sector.

Stock images can be licenced for customers to reproduce in books, brochures websites etc. Image licenses cost just �195 and include a non transferable* license to reproduce the image in any size, quantity or media with no time limits. This license requires a credit to aeroengland wherever the image is used. ( eg "" adjacent the image )  Alternatively For �390.00 I will also be happy to waive our right to be credited as author.( NB  the copyright meta data embedded within the image must remain intact to prevent the image becoming a so called "Orphan Work", even if a non attribution license is purchased. ) All aerial photos on this website are � Jonathan C. K. Webb ,  and may not be copied,saved, hotlinked or reproduced without written permission. To reproduce the image you must first buy a license. The price is a simple haggle free, non negotiable flat rate and is the same where your use is commercial or non commercial and whether your use is large or a small use such as one day or a simple presentation. . 

  If you would like further information  please contact us by phone or email. Contact info is on our contact page


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* Non transferable means you cannot grant rights to another person, organization  or business to reproduce the image.You can display the image on your own website and send people prints such as in a brochure but if any viewers or recipients of the image also want to use it for their own purposes they also need to buy a license. You can distribute prints but you cannot transfer, grant or share usage rights to third parties. This means you cannot put the image on social media sharing platforms on the standard license. If your not sure if this covers all of your intended usage please email for clarification. If you require a license which covers social media, please email for a quote.


All aerial photos on this website are � Jonathan C. K. Webb   ,  and may not be copied,saved, hotlinked or reproduced without written permission.These are high quality professional aerial photographs taken by a professional aerial photographer , not a source of free images. All rights reserved and all moral rights asserted . Cyber-shoplifters will be prosecuted! To reproduce these pictures you must first purchase the digital file and license. Click the license prices link above for the latest prices or click the add to cart link with the images to purchase a license. Unauthorized users of my aerial photographs will face additional costs. See my copyright page (click here ) , or email [email protected] for more information.Legal notice: Jonathan C K Webb trading as Webb Aviation aerial photography is an independent artist, not affiliated to or endorsed by any of the subjects depicted. All photos are sold without property or model releases, customers are required to obtain any additional releases needed themselves. Jonathan Webb's photographs are registered with the United States Copyright Office, none of the images in this website are so called "Orphan Works" and none of the images are available to license under any "Extended Collective Licensing Scheme" I hereby contract out of any and all extended collective licensing schemes. To use any of my images you must first agree and pay for a license directly with, and only with the photographer, Jonathan C K Webb. If you find any errors or omissions in this website, please inform Jonathan Webb who is also the web-designer. Full terms, conditions and dispute resolution info can be found on my main website (click here)




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